Odyssey Connect, The Hague, Netherlands

The Business Plan for Peace team is pleased to announce that we are working closely with the Dutch Ministry of Defence to host a challenge as part of the 2020 Odyssey Hackathon taking place in April 2020 in Groningen, Netherlands.

In preparation for this event, the team are attending Odyssey Connect on 4-5 February 2020, held at the University of Applied Sciences, The Hague.

Odyssey Connect is a curation of over 30 deep dives to provide prospective Odyssey Hackathon participants with all the relevant input to successfully tackle the challenges. Thought leaders will inspire those who want to tackle complex 21st-century challenges with a multi-disciplinary perspective on problem-solving.  This 2-day knowledge exchange event will help innovators, builders, governments, corporates, and non-profit partners to turn knowledge into impactful action.

This event is free and open for everyone but the guest list is curated. Applications are now open.  Apply Now.