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Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat (May 2020) [33:41]

Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Dr. Scilla Elworthy on the Way to World Peace
Interviewed by: Mo Gawdat
First Published: May 2020

“In this deeply personal episode, I speak with my friend and tireless force for good, Dr. Scilla Elworthy. Scilla is nothing short of inspiring, and to listen to her discuss her work and life story is to hear a clear example of a human being who found and is living their purpose. I say it multiple times in our discussion, but the world needs more Scillas, more people saying “peace is possible.”

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The Best Defense? How About More Women In The Military? (April 2020)

The Best Defense? How About More Women In The Military?
Author: Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
First Published: 30 April 2020

Today, there are 21 female defence ministers across 159 countries with militaries. That’s 13% – who knew? Okay, that includes the beautiful but tiny Maldives, but it also includes seven of 30 NATO countries. Women control many of the biggest defence budgets in Europe. Will the nature and effectiveness of militaries to defend their countries improve if they gender balance? That has been the underlying theory causing internal and external pressure on militaries around the world to change over the past 40 years. Perhaps the quickest and most obvious symbol of the will to balance is for a government to appoint a female Defence Minister. This revolutionary step is like a symbolic laying down of the gauntlet to one of the most male dominated sectors on the planet.


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Shape Your Day – The World Beyond COVID-19 (March 2020) [21.40]

Shape Your Day – The World Beyond COVID-19
Interviewed by Fritz Lensch
First Published: March 2020

Fritz Lensch, a Facilitator, Leadership Advisor and Peacebuilder, spoke with Dr. Scilla Elworthy about her vision for the world after Coronavirus and what we can all do today to realise it.

In the podcast they chat about:

  • What Scilla is currently doing with her time and how you can use yours effectively;
  • How to calm your mind and heart and cope with the news;
  • Practical advice for what to practise today to shape tomorrow.

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Dr Julie Show – Business Plan for Peace with Scilla Elworthy (March 2020)

Dr Julie Show
Interviewed by Dr Julie Krull
First Broadcast: March 2020

Many people feel powerless in the face of what they see on TV or read in the news – a world in crisis, with wars and violence taking place across the globe. Do you want to step out of the helplessness and apply your personal skills to do something meaningful about the challenges now facing us? Humanity now has the experience, knowledge and tools to prevent and resolve conflict. Scilla Elworthy offers the Business Plan for Peace, an ambitious, long-term solution that challenge the status quo.

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It’s Time to Awaken Our Fierce Feminine Intelligence, Spiritual Wildfire Summit (February 2020) [42.03]

Spiritual Wildfire Summit
Interviewed by: Joan D’Argo
First Published: February 2020

The Spiritual Wildfire Summit, held from 2-7 February 2020,  offers inspirational healing and practical tools to help each one of us create the world our heart longs for.  Dr Scilla Elworthy was one of 24 amazing wisdom keepers, paradigm shifters, and visionaries who gave inspirational talks online at the Summit.  Listen to her interview “Its Time to Awaken Our Fierce Feminine Intelligence” by clicking the link below.

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Dr Scilla Elworthy’s Tips for One Young World Ambassadors (November 2019)

One Young World
Interviewed by Marisa Drew
First Published: November 2019

Scilla Elworthy gave an inspiring talk to the One Young World Ambassadors gathered in Westminster, London on 25 October.  Here she shares her tips for effective and connected leadership in the wake of the One Young World 2019 Summit.

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The Bold New Plan to Stop Wars: A Peace Advocate Makes Her Case (July 2019)
The Bold New Plan to Stop Wars: A Peace Advocate Makes Her Case
Author: Dr Scilla Elworthy
First Published: July 2019

A little over 100 years ago, the major Western powers and 23 other nations signed the Treaty of Versailles, officially ending the “war to end all wars” — an idealistic phrase that within a few years would assume a certain grim irony. While there has been no truly global conflagration since 1945, the 21st century has already produced its fair share of armed conflicts.

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Beyond Gender: Feminine Intelligence (June 2019)

Beyond Gender: Feminine Intelligence – The New Smart for Today’s Needs
Author: Dr Scilla Elworthy & Hetty Einzig
First Published: June 2019

Nowadays everyone has heard of Emotional Intelligence and how it has supplanted IQ as the marker of real success in work.  Now a new intelligence is making itself known. At this time of ‘Strong-Man’ sabre-rattling it is no coincidence that this new intelligence, called Feminine Intelligence, is drawing interest.  Hetty Einzig and Scilla Elworthy ask if FemmeQ is the antidote we need to the posturing and dangerous threats, and a way forward to tackle the challenges we face?

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How War could be Prevented Globally for Just $2 Billion – and with the Help of More Women (June 2019)

Byline Times
Interviewed by Stephen Colegrave
First Published: June 2019

Scilla was interviewed by Stephen Colegrave ahead of the July 2019 BY-LINE Festival.  The article captures the essence of decades of work on peace-building and outlines the key strategies put forward in The Business Plan for Peace.  It also highlights the importance of utilising the power of women in conflict prevention and the creation of peace.

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Power and sex: An interview with Scilla Elworthy – Moon Magazine (May 2019)

The Moon Magazine
Interviewed by Leslee Goodman
First Published: May 2019

Scilla was the featured interview of the month, for the May 2019 edition of Moon Magazine.  She was interviewed by Leslee Goodman who asked pertinent questions around how gender influences the type of power we see prevalent in the world today, as well as discussing what Scilla describes as “inner power” – a power that has integrity and is immune from corruption.

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Vibrant Nonviolence, Ox Magazine (March 2019)

OX Magazine 
Author: Sam Bennet
First Published: March 2019

Sam Bennett, Features Editor of OX Magazine, wrote a long article about Scilla in March 2019, starting as follows:

Born into a military family in 1943, Scilla Elworthy could shoot a gun aged 11. But her life has been one dedicated to peace and nonviolence. Straying far from the career as a wife and mother she imagines her family would have envisaged for her, in 1982 she founded Oxford Research Group ‘to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics’. Twenty years later she founded Peace Direct – the charity committed to stopping wars – and her 2012 TED talk on nonviolence has been viewed over 1,200,000 times. Here the three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee talks presence, empathy and her 2017 book, The Business Plan for Peace, with Sam Bennett.

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Scilla Elworthy: The Business Plan for Peace, Daily Good (February 2019)

Daily Good: News That Inspires
Interviewed by Aryae Coopersmith, Awakin Call Editors
First Published: February 2019

Dr. Scilla Elworthy was interviewed by Aryae Coppersmith from Awakin Call to discuss her latest book, “The Business Plan for Peace: Building a World without War.” In it, she points out that while 1,686 billion dollars is spent on militarization every year, it would only cost two billion dollars to put into action methodologies that are known to work to prevent war and armed conflict worldwide. Go to the Daily Good website to see the edited transcript or listen to the full recording here.

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Indivisible: Peace is Not Boring (November 2018)

Indivisible: Peace is Not Boring
Author: Dr Scilla Elworthy
First Published: November 2018

For many people peace can seem boring; too well behaved, too quiet. These are usually the people who have never been in a war, never witnessed the terror of children watching their parents tortured, never seen a human skull exploding, never heard the screams of a grandfather trapped under concrete beams, never looked into the eyes of a woman who has been multiply raped.

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What Nuclear Weapons Negotiations Taught Dr. Scilla Elworthy about Bullying in Schools (October 2018) [1:00:39]

Kindsight 101: What Nuclear Weapons Negotiations Taught Dr. Scilla Elworthy about Bullying in Schools
Interview with Morgane Michael
First Published: October 2018




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Peace is Possible – The Sisters (October 2018)

Peace is Possible
The Sisters
Author: Dr Scilla Elworthy
First Published: October 2018

Dr Scilla Elworthy has been one of the foremost proponents of international peace-building since the 1980s, and her work has won awards and acclaim across the globe. Here, she shares with The Sisters her thoughts on how we can move to a peaceful world and harness the power of feminine wisdom.

Click on the link below to read the full article.

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Peace Day Special with Felix Buxton (September 2018) [1:02:03]

Worldwide FM
First Broadcast: 21 September 2018

Felix Buxton is a composer, music producer and a member of Grammy and Brit Award winning dance act Basement Jaxx.

Felix celebrates International Peace Day with guests including actress Juliet Rylance, Peace Builder Dr Scilla Elworthy and a live phone-in from Ahmad Fawzi, former Communication Adviser and Chief Spokesperson for the High Commissioner for Refugees.

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