How do we prevent destructive conflict?

Business Plan for Peace provides the skills and support to transform destructive conflict and build sustainable peace personally, locally and internationally. Why? Because we know it’s possible.

Learn how

Our future security has to depend on collaboration.

Global health crises, the collapse of financial systems and global warming show without any doubt that this can lead to further destructive conflict, violence and war. In this 3 minute film you will learn what the Business Plan of Peace is all about, who we are, and – for the first time in history – what you can do to make the world safer for everyone.

How can a small NGO make a difference?

Together we are allied with over eighteen hundred effective international and locally-led programmes, all committed to preventing armed conflict and building sustainable peace throughout the world – because it is now possible. The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) estimates the economic impact of violence and conflict on the global economy in 2019 as $14.4 trillion. This is equivalent to 10.5 per cent of the global gross domestic product (GDP) or $1,895 per person. Each of us can play a part in changing this.

Invest in the technologies of peace!

If you can give £100,000:
It will (for example) enable us to help a government like Nigeria build an Architecture for Peace. That means: enabling legislation to be passed, starting training programmes for Peace Councils at village, town, city and regional levels, and building communications for early warning and collective action.

If you can give £25,000:
It will (for example) enable us to train 50 people in the skills vital for conflict transformation in countries most at risk of violent conflict.

If you can give £5-10,000:
It will (for example) enable us to gather representatives of defence and foreign ministries of NATO countries to open exploratory dialogue on the de-escalation of armed violence, using the skills and discipline of their armed forces.

If you can give £25 – £500
It will (for example) enable us to support emerging young leaders with self-knowledge and the skills of conflict transformation that can have such a positive impact on the quality of their future leadership.

If you have contacts in wealth funds, endowments and pension funds please connect us, so that we can enable them to see the good sense of divestment from weapons production and trade, and into the prevention of armed conflict

For the first time in history, you can invest in making peace profitable, help channel military skills and discipline into the prevention of armed conflict, and build, country by country, the architecture necessary for a peaceful future.

  • “We need individuals like Dr Elworthy to start the work of preventing war…this has been my personal dream for many years.”

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  • “This book demonstrates – steadily and sensibly – how anyone can develop this inner power to build their own personal contribution to the future, and to a world that works for all. It will wake you up to the challenges now facing the planet, and inspire you with sparkling accounts of what people are already doing to meet those challenges. It will show you how to build your own vision of the kind of future you want for your children, and the energy to make that vision real. I suggest you use this book as a guide, so that you too can become a 21st century pioneer of the possible.”

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    Nobel Peace Laureate, Civil Rights Activist

  • “I find it impossible to comprehend how so many of the human race seem more intent on waging wanton destruction, rather than creating sustainable solutions towards establishing lasting peace. This is why Scilla Elworthy’s exceptional book is so compelling. It has been written for people who want to step out of helplessness and find out how they can apply their own personal skills to do something about the challenges now facing us. Read on and learn how you can engage.”

    Annie Lennox

    OBE, singer, songwriter, political activist and philanthropist

  • “Visionary is much too small to describe Scilla Elworthy. . . . With a rare grasp of today’s realities, she not only sees what’s coming but also shares her pragmatic vision of what life could be like.”

    Ambassador Swanee Hunt

    Chair, Hunt Alternatives; chair and founder,The Institute for Inclusive Security; Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

  • “In this extraordinary and surprising book Scilla Elworthy dissects the Big Picture: Why do wars happen? What is the real damage? Who gains from them? What would peace entail and how do we achieve it? What’s the good news? These are some of the most difficult and essential questions of our time. Scilla tackles them with grace, generosity and a wealth of experience, offering examples and proposals for new and peaceful ways of conceptualising the human future. This is a compact book with an enormous message. Please read it.”

    Brian Eno

    Lifelong pioneer in rock, ambient and electronic music

  • “Finally, what we have known intuitively is now demonstrated in plain English utilizing business principles. A business plan for peace resonates with me as it will with thousands of Rotarians worldwide. Dr Elworthy’s work is groundbreaking and hopeful. Imagine giving up war which costs US$1,600,000,000,000 dollars per year with unimaginable side effects for a mere two hundred million dollars per year. This is a must read.”

    Al Jubitz

    Founding President of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace; Founder of the War Prevention Initiative

  • “The Business Plan for Peace clearly articulates the economic benefits of a more peaceful world – and they are profound.”

    Steve Killelea

    Founder and Executive Chairman, Institute for Economics and Peace

  • “Dr. Scilla Elworthy has always inspired such hope in my world. Her insights spring from a deep faith in people. A faith founded on years of research and deep thinking about how we resolve conflict without war. This is a profound book. I hope our leaders read it.”

    Sir Mark Rylance

    Actor, former artistic director, Globe Theatre

We're ambitious, based on a significant track record…

We’re the pioneers of what will become a huge trend, moving our money, our lives and our security away from the habit of war, towards a manifest commitment to prevent violent conflict and build sustainable peace throughout the world.

We’re the ones you’ve been waiting for, and we invite you to join us, and to invest in us.

Every penny you entrust us with, will be a building block for a massive extension of peace throughout the world, and the education of every one of us in the skills to prevent and transform violent conflict.

Our Board of Advisers includes: Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, General the Lord David Ramsbotham GCB CBE, Nobel Peace Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Mr Mohamed El Ashry, Sir Mark Rylance, Professor Dr Kingsley Moghalu, Lord Browne, former Labour Defence Secretary, Dr Gertie Arts, Ministry of Defence, The Netherlands and Mr Ravi Venkantesan.

Three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee for her work with Oxford Research Group to develop... Read more »

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Darshita is a millennial, born in Mumbai, India. After qualifying as ‘47th all-India rank’ Chartered... Read more »

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Bob founded the Office of Evaluation at the US Agency for International Development, was chair... Read more »

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Professor of International Relations and director of the Centre for International Studies at the University... Read more »

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Fritz is a Facilitator, Leadership Advisor and Peacebuilder helping people and organisations to breakthrough. Fritz... Read more »

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Nhial’s family has been affected by conflict intergenerationally. He now lives in Kenya’s Kakuma refugee... Read more »

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Invest in the technologies of peace!

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