The Mighty Heart

in Business

An 8-week course dedicated to aligning your changemaker values with your corporate leadership strategies.

DATE: 27 September – 15 November 2023  | Weekly 2 hour sessions

COST: Starting from £1700 + VAT

Introducing The Mighty Heart in Business

We live in times of great crisis – and tremendous opportunity. The world is hungry for business leaders who marry their values and actions and put their skills in service of positive change.

Are you part of the movement to help make business a force for good? Would you like to learn the most effective communication and conflict prevention skills for your workplace? Do you feel tired or burnt out and in need of inspiration and support to implement change in your organisational practices?

With The Mighty Heart in Business Course, you will learn all the skills needed to lead the new wave of corporate changemakers.


Learn to take a stand effectively & step into your purpose

Master deep listening


communication skills

Build resilience & courage to amplify your leadership potential

Transform your inner critic into your best business asset

Business Plan for Peace - Heart Brain Intelligence

Rebalance your heart and brain intelligence

Connect with like-minded decision makers

Be inspired by globally renowned guest speakers

Skilfully manage conflict and transform grievances

“The Mighty Heart is the starting point for leaders to turn their behaviour into something truly new and needed. It is the answer to the challenges we are facing today in the world.”
– Angela Gallenz, HR Manager, H&M

What Can You Expect From Our Course?

The Mighty Heart in Business is a flagship programme for corporate changemakers hosted by Business Plan for Peace. Founded by three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and iconic global leader Scilla Elworthy, we promote the skills of inner transformation and conflict prevention.

In our course, you will learn the same skills that we’ve taught to major global businesses such as H&M that encourage innovative investment in social change and help formulate actionable and sustainable plans for peace.

By joining the Mighty Heart in Business course, you are connecting to a groundswell of people who are committed to creating a world without destructive conflict.


  • Weekly 2-hour live sessions
  • Weekly interactions in groups of up to three in your own time
  • A digital copy of The Mighty Heart workbook
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Introductory videos with Dr. Scilla Elworthy
  • Access to world-class guest speakers and industry leaders
  • A chance to join our global changemaker community once the course ends


DURATION:  27 September – 15 November 2023 | 2 Session hours per week

PRICE: Starting from £1700 + VAT

Key Outcomes:

The Mighty Heart tools and skills unite mind and heart and are simple, effective and practical solutions to complex human problems. Through our course, you develop the necessary skills to navigate uncertainty and build inner strength and agility to face the ever-increasing demands present in work and your community.  These skills include how to:

Transform crises and conflict through heart-led leadership

Business Plan for Peace - Decision Making

Make wiser and more confident decisions for effective actions

Business Plan for Peace - Leadership

Lead with empathy and develop your authentic leadership

Step into your own power to help build a safer world and better future

Meet Your Guest Speakers

Each one of our modules has been designed with you in mind.

You will be guided through 8 online sessions and learn the skills you need to lead with a Mighty Heart. In these sessions, you will be mentored by a panel of expert industry leaders and hear about how they’ve been able to create their own Business Plan for Peace.

See The Mighty Heart in Action

Pricing Structure:



£1,700 + VAT


For Individuals

£1,900 + VAT

Business Plan for Peace - Group


For groups of 3+

£1,500 + VAT

Payment plans are available.

“The Mighty Heart in Business provides a toolbox for handling challenges faced in a leadership role. It’s an empowering programme that brings more of the human side into leadership.”
– Guy Nixon, CEO of Native

In September 2017, Dr Scilla Elworthy published The Business Plan for Peace. The best-selling book shows how 25 tried and tested strategies for preventing war can be scaled up and extended over ten years to avoid violent conflict worldwide.

The Mighty Heart in Business is a foundational approach that deals pragmatically with the sense of overwhelm, anxiety and grief that many people are feeling today. The online course enables individuals and organisations to improve communication, ignite leadership and learn the skills needed to contribute effectively to a better, safer world.

Through our Mighty Heart courses, a new generation of informed compassionate leaders is gaining the skills to transform their workplace, their communities and their countries

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Read Our FAQs

Who is The Mighty Heart in Business for?

The Mighty Heart in Business is for corporate changemakers and people who want to:

– Bring more of their values into their workplace and use their professional roles to be in greater service to the urgent solutions required for the problems humanity is facing.

– Explore deep questioning and inner work to connect with their true identity, passion and purpose.

– Build their resilience through inner work to face the challenges of our times in work and home life. 

– Establish a way to make a change professionally by learning to practice authentic, heart-led leadership skills.

– Explore skills to improve communication within and between teams, to break down silos and competitive internal working cultures.

– Learn how to prevent and resolve conflicts and frustrations in the working world in a constructive and productive way.

– Develop greater self-confidence in their own leadership potential.

– People who are ready to change the way they show up in the world in order to change things for the better. 

Who Leads the Programme?

The Mighty Heart in Business course is led by two experienced Mighty Heart Programme Facilitators with credible track records in the corporate world. You can learn more about our team of facilitators here

Our facilitators are supported by a raft of inspirational guest speakers who are values-led business and industry leaders. By sharing real-life experiences, they will help demonstrate how you can overcome the unique challenges of bringing these values into the workplace.  

What Kind of People Join this Programme?

Participants cover a wide range of backgrounds. They are typically mid-level corporate employees, often working in HR and people development teams, creatives or founders in media, finance, publishing, education, healthcare, law, communications, advertising, retail, sustainability, e-commerce and more.

Dylan Matthews, CEO of Peace Direct

Dylan Mathews is the CEO of Peace Direct. His commitment to supporting local organisations in the global south spans almost twenty years, during which time he has worked for a range of peacebuilding, international development and humanitarian organisations. While working for the peacebuilding think tank Oxford Research Group, he authored ‘War Prevention Works’ which profiled the role of non-state actors in conflict prevention and resolution – a publication that helped launch Peace Direct in 2004. He is the editor of ‘Working with Conflict 2’ a practical toolkit for local peacebuilders, published in 2020. Dylan is the Vice Chair of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, a global peacebuilding network based in Washington DC.

Sheva Carr, CEO of HeartAmbassador

Sheva Carr is an Oriental medicine doctor, CEO of HeartAmbassadors, and co-VP of UN Peace Messenger Organization Pathways To Peace . She speaks globally on the heart’s power in relationships, health, performance, creativity, contribution, legacy, social change, and building a global culture of peace.

Jo Berry, founder of Building Bridges for Peace

Jo Berry is an award-winning public speaker who works to resolve conflicts around the world. Sixteen years after an IRA bomb killed her father in 1984, Jo met with the man responsible, Pat Magee. This led to them speaking on over three hundred occasions on a shared platform worldwide. They’ve been featured in documentaries, plays and on film.

The founder of the charity ‘Building Bridges for Peace’, Jo advocates that listening and unbounded empathy are the biggest tools we have to transform conflict.