Business Plan for Peace co-facilitated an interactive simulation of a peace process on November 7, 2019, as part of Geneva Peace Week 2019.

Organised in partnership with Nonviolent Peaceforce and the Permanent Representation of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) to the United Nations, this interactive and fully bilingual event (French and English) gathered around forty participants from various horizons.

Entitled “Experiencing a Multi-Track Peace Process“, this interactive simulation gave participants the chance to adopt the roles of representatives of local communities, governments and businesses as they attempted to solve a fictional conflict. Participants had the opportunity to confront the complexities and difficulties inherent in resolving disputes between parties, and to learn more about preventing violence through experienced peace professionals.

Aligned with Business Plan for Peace’s underlying tenet, Geneva Peace Week, ‘emphasises that each and every person, actor and institution has a role to play in building peace and resolving conflict. It recognises that peacebuilding occurs in many different contexts and cuts across disciplines and sectors. In this sense, Geneva Peace Week breaks down professional silos in order to enable creative responses to violence, exclusion and insecurity.’ This week long event is organised by the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and was hosted by the United Nations Office in Geneva. 

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